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Many details about our ciders:


Predominantly from abandoned homestead trees, Old Time cider reflects the perfection of the trees' diversity and age. The name Old-Time is a nod to both the cidermakers from past generations who used these trees for their own cider and to the style of music which our cidermaker Steve plays: American Old-Time music. 

  • Sparkling, Off-dry
  • Light gold. Soft rounded bubbles, notes of strawberry, grapefruit seed, butterscotch, musk. 
  • Wild and abandoned fruit with small amount of Bittersweets.
  • RS 1.8% / TA 8.1g/L / 7.5% ABV
  • 750 ml $15


South Hill Pommeau is a blend of barrel-aged Apple Spirits (Eau de Vie) with unfermented and unfiltered apple cider. During months of aging, the pommeau naturally clarifies to an amber liquid of exquisite character. 

  • Still, Sweet
  • Deep gold. Honey, clove, nutmeg, amaretto, sun-warmed plum.
  • Port-style cider
  • RS 10.1% / 19% ABV
  • 375 ml $30


This cider showcases the Golden Russet apple,  a native apple to New York, historically prized for it's excellent flavor in cider and on the table. Custom fermentation and bottling.

  • Naturally Sparkling, Off-dry
  • Lively effervescence. Peach, rasberry, beeswax. Crisp. 
  • RS 1.8% / TA 6.9g/L / 8.1% ABV
  • 750 ml$18


Made from 100% wild seedling apples, gathered by hand in the hedgerows and forests around Ithaca, NY. The epitomy of terrior, bringing the expression of an exact time and place into the glass.

  • Still, Dry
  • Focused acid and salinity. Pear, cacao, baked apple, green leaves, waterfalls. Long-lasting finish.
  • RS 0.4% / TA 8.2g/L / 7.4% ABV
  • 750 ml $24
  • 5-star review (click here)


Made from 100% wild seedling apples, gathered by hand in the hedgerows and forests around Ithaca, NY. The epitomy of terrior, bringing the expression of an exact time and place into the glass.

Naturally Sparkling, Bone Dry

  • Complex, fruity, toasty
  • 100% wild pippin apples
  • Bottle conditioned, sur lie and undisgorged
  • 500 mL /  8.2% ABV. $15


A single-orchard cider, all of the fruit came from a small homestead cider orchard planted by our friend Peter Hoover between 1995-2000 near Trumansburg, NY.

  • Still, Dry
  • Balanced and expressive. Aromas of wet slate, rich soil. Starfruit, lychee, walnut. Mouth-watering finish.
  • Apple varieties: Golden and Roxbury Russets, Redfield, Tremletts Bitter, Bramleys Seedling, Zabergau Reinette, Kingston Black, Major, Michelin, Medaille d'Or, Chisel Jersey, Brown Snout, Esopus Spitzenburg, Sops of Wine, Granny Smith, Foxwhelp, Winter Banana, Calville Blanc, Cox's Orange Pippin, Sheepnose, and more.
  • RS 0.3% / TA 7.6g/L / 7.5% ABV
  • 750 ml $24
  • 4.5 star review (click here)




Fruit from a single orchard: The Reynolds family orchard on the East side of Cayuga Lake containing over 200 varieties of apples, many rare and heirloom. Color of early morning light. Tiny bubbles. Aromas of leather, cloves, clementine, sour cherry.

  • Sparkling, Dry
  • Apple varieties include :  Baldwin, Binet Rouge, Cameo, Chisel Jersey, Court Du Pendu Plat ,Dabinet, Fall Pippin, Father Abraham, Freedom, Gilpin, Golden Delicious, Hardy Cumberland, Higdon, Honey Cider, Jonna free, Jubilee, King David, Leathercoat, Liberty, Margil, Melrose, Nickjack, Padukah, Ralls, Red Flesh, Red Gravenstein, Sam Young, Sharon, Sir Isaac Newton, Spy-Gold, Summer Orange, Sun Fuji, Sweet Caroline, Tom Putt, William Crump, Winesap, Zabergau Reinette, Virginia Beauty.
  • RS 1.1% / TA 7.0 g/l / 8.0 ABV
  • 750 ml $18


This cider features English Bittersweet cider apple varieties, including Dabinett and Ellis Bitter. Aged in bourbon barrels for at least four months. 

  • Sparkling, Semidry
  • Full bodied, smooth. Notes of chocolate and clove. 
  • RS 2.0% / TA 6.0g/L / 8.2 ABV
  • 750 ml $18


Are there ageable ciders? Yes.

The apples harvested for this cider were barrel-fermented and aged 9 months sur-lie in 4 to 6 year-old French barrels. Substantial tannins, intense fruit aromas and mouth-watering acidity of the fruit transformed through fermentation and bâtonage into cider with aromas of apple-skin, spice and roasted nuts; smooth yet astringent mouthfeel, and modest acidity. Pairs with roast chicken, and smoked gouda. This cider ages well and is more drinkable and relaxed after a couple days than on the day it is opened.

  • Still, Dry
  • Unfined and Unfiltered
  • Wild and feral crabapples
  • Fermented and matured sur lie in François Frère barrels
  • RS 0% / TA 7.9g/l / 8.2% ABV
  • 750ml $20


2014 yielded a very light crop for wild apples and pears across Central New York. However, with a bit of luck we found one stand of wild trees in a high valley with a good crop. These hidden trees were far enough from the dirt road that we could only retrieve the fruit by hauling it out on our backs.  Hence the name, Pack Basket.

  • Naturally Sparkling, Bone Dry
  • Complex, fruity, toasty
  • 100% wild pippin apples and pears
  • Bottle conditioned sur lie and undisgorged
  • 28 cases produced
  • 500 mL /  8.3% ABV. $22

2014 PATINA (Sold Out)

Patina is partially barrel aged so that bright fruit notes ring clear over a well-rounded barrel influence.

  • Sparkling, medium bodied, fruit forward with hints of vanilla. Dry.
  • Bittersweet apples. 
  • 750 mL, 8.2% ABV. $18

2013 SOUNDPOST (Sold Out)

Characterized by bittersweet apples and barrel maturation, this cider is best enjoyed with light cheese or with only a good record on the stereo. Lightly sparkling and best served around 40 - 55 degrees.

  • Sparkling. Hints of highland malt and rose. Mineral to start, then dry with velvety tannins. Long finish.
  • Apple varieties: Dabinet, Newtown Pippin, Ellis bitter, Brown Snout, Roxbury Russet. 
  • 750 mL, 7.4%ABV. $22