At South Hill Cider we use traditional heirloom cider apples as well as wild apples collected in our neighborhood to produce fine hard cider which showcases the terroir of the Finger Lakes region . 

For this month - two ways to save on orders:
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2- Chose the discounted holiday package of a still, a bubbly, and a pommeau (below).

Discounted Holiday Package. Sparkling, Still and Pommeau
45.00 66.00

This package of cider (sorry, no cheese) is available for $45 delivered anywhere in NYS.  Includes One sparkling, one still and one sweet. This trio covers the bases from dry to sweet and has options for great food-pairing. 

Old-time is off-dry and bubbly with apples from abandoned apple trees around the Ithaca area - pair with poultry and vegetables. Pomme Sur Lie is still and dry and was fermented in oak barrels - pair with pork and smoked cheese. The pommeau is a an aperitif and is a blend of aged apple spirits and apple juice which is excellent with blue cheese or by itself.

Regular price $66 plus shipping - This month it is $45 with free shipping.

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Our ciders are available for mail-order. We can direct ship to  NY.

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