Each release of Prelude will be a unique cider, no two barrels exactly the same.  

#1- Dry and Tart with significant structure. Single Bourbon Barrel Fermentation - Apples: 50% Tremlett's Bitter, Ellis Bitter, Liberty, Apples from abandoned farm trees. 

#2 - Semidry and creamy with notes of dark chocolate and plums. Single Bourbon Barrel Fermentation - Apples: Dabinett, Yarlington Mill, Northern Spy, Jonagold.

#3- (2015) Sparkling and dry. This rare cider is produced from one single mysterious tree whose origin and variety are unknown. It is located in West Danby, NY and Steve has been making single tree cider from it since 2013. It is now being propagated for South Hill’s orchard (and for the farm where it originated) and in a decade we can look forward to more than the 4 cases per year average that this one tree produces. The prelude label was glued over the original label which was printed as a private label - we never expected to be able to share this cider as widely as the cider club allowed. Thank you, cider club members for giving us the opportunity!

#4- (2016) - Released October 2017 Kegs only. Single barrel (American Oak wine barrel) ferment with no additions. A blend of Northern Spy, Jonagold, Dabinet, Wild Apples, Crab Apples. Produced in a Sidra-style.

#5- (2016) - Northern Spy, Single Varietal. Bottle-conditioned Methode Ancestral.  Available in Cider Club only.  Austere minerality and a balanced, subtle dry cider. 5 cases

#6- (2016/2017) - Multivintage, 100% wild apples. WIld-fermented, Traditional method. Unfined, unfiltered. Aromatics of leather and flowers; sharp. Wild apples fermented and aged on the pomace in 2016, then pressed and blended with fresh pressed 2017 wild apples for a second fermentation. This cider is an exercise in creativity and shows complex aroma development as a result of great fruit, wild fermentation and long maceration. 52 cases

#7- An assemblage of all late-season apples. 50% Dabinett, 34% Golden Russet and 16% goldrush. Bone Dry & Sparkling traditional method. Because of the bottle fermentation and that the apples are all late-season and ripe, the cider is 10.1% ABV. 90 cases