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South Hill Cider ferments traditional heirloom cider apples as well as wild apples collected in our neighborhood to produce fine orchard-based ciders which showcase the terroir of the Finger Lakes region . 

We bottle Estate cider from our home orchard, as well as from other interesting orchards that we tend and work with nearby. Our ciders exhibit character and nuance that show terroir - you can taste the orchard in your glass.

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 Our ciders are available for mail-order here. We can direct ship to many states.

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Press and Reviews:

January 2019 - Wall Street Journal - These Apple Ciders Are Wild—Literally

Back In 2003, on a whim, Steve Selin joined a group of his neighbors in the Finger Lakes region of New York to forage wild apples to press into hard cider. He was surprised to find that the result was actually pretty good: crisp and dry, more akin to Champagne than fizzy apple juice. “It was a happy accident, starting out with wild apples,” he said. “It’s some of the highest-quality cider fruit imaginable, and I didn’t even know it at the time.” Since 2013, Mr. Selin has sold ciders under the label South Hill. And though...

February 2018 - Washington Post: 6 Heritage Cider Brands Worth Tasting

"The Finger Lakes might be the most exciting cider region in the United States, and Steve Selin may be one of its best producers. His bone-dry and complex Packbasket is made from hand-gathered wild seedling apples. His Pomme Sur Lie is aged nine months on its lees and makes the case for age-worthy cider."

April 2017-  Cider Journal reviews of Packbasket Still 2015Stone Fence Farm 2015 and Pomme Sur Lie 2015

Cidercraft Magazine: Cider Made: South Hill’s Wild and Vintage Apple Ciders

Going Still at South Hill was published in Robert Parker's Wine Journal

"When ciders are still, crisp, dry and seriously made, you really get that "fine wine" feel to them. More and more, they just begin to remind me of a high-personality white wine."

Life in the Fingerlakes - Cider House Rules

Travel Channel's Booze Traveler: American Cideries Worth a Sip 

Robert Parker's Wine Journal did a Cider Roundup for Fall 2016

"With controlled fruit flavor, it is harmonious and friendly, not to mention moderately priced...." (click here to read)

Bon Appetite - 10 Ciders to Turn Wine Snobs Into Cider Snobs -

"The only thing more beautiful and cared for than the letterpress printed labels is South Hill’s still, dry, wine-like cider itself (a righteous pairing with seafood and poultry)." (click here to read)

Feral Apple Society - Tasting Table - November 2015 (click here to read)

“Unlike grapes, apples go native in a flash. Chuck a core, and a tree will follow. But every apple seedling is a hybrid, a cross-pollination of its mother tree and its pollen-donor dad. Each one will produce a variety that is new to this world.”

Cider is 'In Vogue' - as in the magazine. (click here to read)

“—almost vinous in its build.”

Soundpost Cider: "one of the best ciders I've had. Crisp, mineral, and with a lovely richness--from both the bittersweet apples and the time in oak, I assume, but it didn't shout "oak" like some ciders I've had. Really, really nice." - Rowan Jacobson, Author of 'Apples of Uncommon Character'

"South Hill Cider from NY has produced a gorgeous hard cider" Read the 4.5 star review - The Cider Journal

South Hill Cider's lovely mention in this Bon Appetite piece on the Manhattan cider bar Wassail 

Edible Fingerlakes interviewed Steve on our Pommeau in their Spring '15 issue. Read Here

Liquor.com says our Pommeau is an innovative cider that you must try now Read Here