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We have specially selected a box of three ciders that all include wild apples in them. These can be shipped to 40 states directly from our orchard to your door :)

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Each season, you receive two of our finest (and some of our rarest) ciders at your front door...

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South Hill Cider Club Details

Our Finest to Your Front Door
Each season, we will ship you two of our most prized ciders- be it a rare library vintage, a new vintage pre-release, one of our limited-run single barrel editions, or one of our current releases that we are excited about. 

Be On the Scene
As a South Hill Cider Club member, we'll let you know when the action's happening- Club members receive special invitations to orchard tours, wild apple harvest excursions and exclusive cider tastings. 

Know We Care
We want you to know what your membership means to us! Receive 10% discount on all South Hill Cider orders, year-round. Also, as a Cider Club member you will never have to pay for South Hill Cider tastings at the Ithaca Farmer's Market (currently our only tastings location). 

How It Works
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, around $30 a season. Two (2) bottles per shipment, one shipment quarterly. You will be charged when each package ships. Shipping and tax not included.

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